Client Reviews

Amazing advocate on my behalf

Lindsay was always available to talk with me about my case. She was patient with my complete lack of understanding of the justice system and helped me understand the mass amounts of legal jargon.

Most importantly Lindsay got my case dismissed before the preliminary court appearance! I was facing a misdemeanor A…with possible jail time and the loss of other freedoms.

I attribute my success to her understanding of the criminal justice system from both sides of the fence; seeing as she was once a prosecuting attorney and is now working as a defense attorney.

It boils down to her experience, working relationships, and confidence.

At no time did she ever make me feel guilty or not worth her time. I valued her candid responses to my questions. I hear some attorneys do little to zero work on the behalf of their client…Lindsay poured all her effort into my case as if it were her only case.

Anything happens again, she will be the first person I call to represent me to save my assteroids!

- (5 star review)

She puts herself into her work fully, Lindsay worked incredibly hard to keep an innocent person out of prison.

If it was not for the dedication and hardwork Lindsay showed me. I’d be in prison for a crime I did not commit. A person that has experience from both sides of the courtroom, she sees the angles at which is best played during trial. Against all odds, including corrupt police, crooked prosecutor and a liar “witness”/acussor. She found a way to display the truth to a intellectual jury who could clearly see the misgivings of the court. Thanks Lindsay, jury and everyone who believed me.

- (5 star review)

Lindsay is amazing.

Lindsay is a skilled professional who knows both sides of the courtroom and she is so amazing to her clients. I was treated with so much respect and I loved that she explained everything during the whole process to me the good, bad and ugly of it all. She made me feel like she was behind me and she was supportive and listened. She kept me home with my family and followed my path with me even though she didn’t have to but she did because she cared. She is genuine and passionate about her work. I never want to experience the legal process again but I know that Lindsay would be right by my side if I ever needed her. Even now that much time has passed she still keeps in touch and listens to me. I would recommend anyone searching for the best to hire Lindsay. I know they will be as happy and grateful as I am for her help and support.

- (5 star review)


She met with us twice before we even went to pre-trial and kept me up to date as the information was coming in. Needless to say she was so far ahead of the prosecutor at pre-trial he dismissed the case.

- (5 star review)

A tenacious fighter….

As I police officer, I worked side by side with Lindsay in the court room where she was a young “rockstar” prosecutor, who quickly gained a reputation for fighting tenaciously for justice. As a defense attorney, she brings her prosecution experience and fights with the same tenacity in the name of justice for the accused.

As an officer, I will admit that mistakes are sometimes made. And, unfortunately, some will even lie. I found out first hand when an officer made an illegal stop on my juvenile son and issued him a citation. Wishing to point out the mistake, I tried to talk to the officer about it. He refused to back down. I could have chanced it and tried to handle the case myself. Thankfully, I enlisted my friend Lindsay, as I knew she had experience in this court room.

Once Lindsay got involved we discovered the “officer” had altered the citation he had issued to make it a “legal” stop. This was contrary to his own evidence he submitted. As an honest officer, this infuriated me (aside from being a parent). This court initially was not willing to dismiss the citation, despite the evidence. Lindsay prepared the case and we had our day in court.

Minutes away from this “officer” committing perjury, the prosecutor actually took the time to see the case that Lindsay had prepared….and wisely chose to dismiss the case.

Lindsay did an excellent job, and my son’s driving record remains intact. If you are seeking justice, I highly recommend Lindsay Jarvis.

- (5 star review)


If it wasn’t for Lindsay I would probably be in jail right now. She is hands down the best attorney I have ever met. She was so professional and treated me as if I was the only person she was representing. Her dedication to proving my innocence was awesome, and it paid off. She proved me to be innocent not once, but twice!!! The way she controls the courtroom is fa-nominal. There was no better feeling, knowing that everything was over and the truth was finally out there about me. It just sucks that people are guilty until proven innocent. Lindsay proved my innocence and I would never go to anyone else or recommend anyone else as long as Lindsay can represent me.

- (5 star review)

An attorney that is fighting for you and not just for a paycheck

This quote from my case told me just what kind of attorney Lindsay is.
Judge: “let’s try and speed this up so the jury doesn’t get antsy.”
Jarvis: “Just doing my job your honor.”
Judge: “Yes you are, at times a little too excessive.”
Jarvis: “I think my client would disagree”
Judge: “Well you need to stop with the repetitive questioning”
Jarvis: “I would every time I ask them I get a different answer”
Despite ongoing pressure from the Judge and the prosecutor she stood up for me and she would not back down from giving me the representation anyone in my position would hope for. Lindsay Jarvis is the type of person they make movies about.
thanks Lindsay,

- (5 star review)

Amazing attorney!

Lindsey helped me in my time of need, and really made a huge impact on my case, and I am so grateful for all the hard work she put into my case, and she made me feel like she really did care about me, and my case. Lindsey, all I can say is thankyou!!! If you want someone who cares, and gets results. She is the one.

- (5 star review)

She knows her stuff and fights for you-

Proved my husband’s innocence. She knows the law and fights for you- My husband was wrongfully accused and Lindsay stood by us and got us the results we deserved. She will investigate every outlet and use it for your defense! Highly Recommended.

- (5 star review)

My experiences with our Legal system!

I must say that Lindsay has helped me navigate through a very frightening situation! She was there for me every step of the way. She was always well prepared with information and options for me! It was very comforting to have someone that would stand by my side in such a horribly time of my life.

- (5 star review)

Saved my career

I had worked with 2 previous attorneys before Lindsay, and they were unable to do anything for me. I had a 2nd degree felony on my record keeping me from doing the job I had worked so hard to get, as well as being able to keep my family here in Utah. She was able to work her magic in the court room, and make it Happen! I now can continue working for the company I have loved, and keep my family here in the state of Utah. I would recommend Lindsay to anyone



I hired Lindsay for a case that could have seriously impacted my life she knocked it out the park had it dismissed at pre trial I have recommended her and Keith Stoney to numerous friends all with the same result great prices for there service honestly if I ever needed a lawyer again I wouldn’t go to anyone else

- (5 star review)

great attorney

She helped me in every way possible. Got all my charges dropped. I would definitely recommend Lindsay. Lindsay and her associates will work there tails off for you.

- (5 star review)

Lindsay Jarvis is the best.

Lindsay is currently representing me in a sexual harassment case. From the beginning, she has been honest, sincere, and very thorough. Lindsay responds promptly to any text, email, or phone call which is amazing. Lindsay treats everyone with respect and dignity regardless of the situation. I highly recommend Lindsay for anyone who is seeking the best representation possible.

- (5 star review)

Lindsey Jarvis re: Protective Order case

Listened well…was organised,prompt and courteous.Gave timely advice,pertinent to the case at hand and forthright and decisive in court.Would certainly avail her of her services if the area fell within her expertise,thank you.

- (5 star review)

You simply cant find better!

Lindsay is the type of lawyer that goes the extra mile in everything she does. She is very detailed and knows the law. He works whatever hours are needed to be prepared to win. She makes herself available to answer question whenever questions arise and she is happy to help in anyway she can. You cant go wrong with Lindsay. I have never met a more qualified, harder working, intelligent lawyer ever!

- (5 star review)

Professional and ethical

I had a great experience with Lindsay. she is the best Attorney around. Lindsay has fought for me in more than one setting. Fighting the legal fight in the courts to fighting for me in the media and with my employer she has defended my reputation. After being falsely accused of a crime by a police department that was wrought with corruption and personal agendas Lindsay stepped up and defended me with tenacity and vigor. The best part of working with Lindsay is she truly cares.She is not working for the paycheck. She is working for the ethical and moral reasons that I expected.

- (5 star review)

Integrity and Attorney Do Go Hand in Hand with Ms. Jarvis

You hear a lot of the time that integrity and attorney don’t go hand in hand, but with Ms. Jarvis you can count on her having integrity and doing the job she is hired to do, not just taking your money and doing very little if nothing at all. Trust me I have hired attorneys in the past that have done just that. Lindsay is an attorney that is prepared and goes above and beyond to fight for you. She is tenacious and ambitious and I know one of the best attorneys in Utah at handling criminal matters, not only because she has experience on both sides of the courtroom but also because she cares and fights the fight like she would for her own loved ones. It is rare to find someone in any profession that will fight someone else’s fight or treat you like they would their own loved ones. Ms. Jarvis is one of a kind and someone who will and who genuinely cares about people. I have hired Ms. Jarvis to represent my son on two matters and she has done an outstanding job for him especially at making sure that his side of the story gets told and all charges dropped. I have also recently had to hire her for myself. My stress levels are lessened because I trust Ms. Jarvis and know she will do whatever she can to see to it that my side of the story is told. Thank you Ms. Jarvis for being the integrous person you are and for always going the distance for us! I would definitely recommend her to anyone.

- (5 star review)

Dedicated and Professional Lawyer

My experience with Ms. Jarvis spanned the course of a year in a very stressful criminal case. During that time she maintained regular, frequent contact with me where she gave me very detailed information regarding my case. She was sensitive to my needs and spent a significant amount of time answering my questions and addressing my concerns. It was easy to tell that she cares for her clients as human beings and not just cases to process.

Ms. Jarvis has a remarkable knowledge of criminal law and procedure which ended up benefiting me greatly. She is very well respected by all of her legal colleagues. I would recommend her services without reservation. If any one of my loved ones needs an attorney, she will be the one I recommend!

- (5 star review)

Followed through with everything she said

Lindsay did a great job with assisting me in an unfortunate legal mess I found myself wrapped up in. It was my first time in trouble and she got me the best case possible results that there could have been. I appreciate the help and the follow through.

- (5 star review)

Lindsay Jarvis works magic in the court room!

After making several poor decisions trying to deal with some underlying emotional pain I was going through I suddenly found myself at the lowest point I had Ever been in my life. It felt like almost overnight …..I had lost my nursing license (being an RN was my passion, I loved caring for people), my 17 year marriage was most likely headed for a divorce and I didn’t know what would happen with custody of my precious children. After speaking to Lindsay on the phone for the first time I was reassured that “we” would get through this….And amazingly we did. With Lindsay, I always walked calmly into the court rooms. I felt I had a friend by my side, someone who truly cared. She worked miracles for me. We had this ongoing joke that there must be “magic” following us, because every time we left court the outcome was so much better than we even had hoped for. I knew it was her. She just has a way with people; polite, yet very professional. Within a year I was able to get my life back. I am back in the life of my kids almost full time, I have my career back and am currently working as an RN again and could not be happier. I would recommend Lindsay Jarvis to anyone. I see her as an angel.

- (5 star review)

Saved my life

I was a police officer who was involved in an officer involved shooting and unjustly charged with a crime. I could write about how good of a lawyer Lindsay is for pages so I’ll keep it straight and to the point. Lindsay was there for me from the moment I was in the hospital to being charged, to winning in the courtroom at the prelim and still to this day she is there for me. Yes you heard that right we won at the prelim and anyone who has been around any court knows that is almost impossible. Now I can’t promise you will become great friend like we have but I can promise she will put her heart and soul into every case the same way she did with mine. You truly would be doing yourself a disservice by not having Lindsay Jarvis as your attorney.

- (5 star review)