Christi Olcott

Attorney Christi Olcott has been an attorney in Utah since 2011. Ms. Olcott has primarily practiced law in the criminal justice system as a prosecutor and a defense attorney. She is a dedicated attorney who
works with her clients to get the best outcome possible.

Education and Experience

Ms. Olcott earned an A.A. from Dixie State and a B.S. from Utah State University in Elementary
Education with a minor in Political Science in 2008. Ms. Olcott then attended the University of Idaho College of Law and obtained her J.D. in 2011. During her time in law school, Ms. Olcott was a student attorney with the Victims’ Rights Clinic, an Officer in the Law Students for Appropriate Dispute Resolution (focusing on negotiation, arbitration and mediation), on the Trial Team moot court team, and a student representative on the Student Bar Association.

Ms. Olcott worked as a prosecutor in Utah county and for several years at different law firms as a defense attorney. Ms. Olcott was also previously an award winning educator, but has returned to the legal field. Ms. Olcott enjoys working in the criminal justice field and helping her clients navigate the court system.